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Iranian Refugees' Alliance Inc. (IRA Inc.) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by the law.

The Support Fund for At-Risk Iranian Refugees in Turkey

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The Support Fund for At-Risk Iranian Refugees in Turkey was established in 1993 to meet the basic needs of Iranian asylum seekers who otherwise would not have the necessary resources. The Fund started by assisting 10 families and has since supported more than 1,700 families.

Depending on the size of the contributions it receives, the Fund tries to support as many qualified refugees as possible as equitably as possible.

A detailed report of all contributors and recipients is published bi-annually or annually.

  1993 $8,750       2003 $32,710
  1994 $22,650 2004 $22,000
  1995 $50,050 2005 $16,400
  1996 $36,045 2006 $12,950
  1997 $25,510 2007 $21,690
  1998 $28,217 2008 $22,000
1999 $31,350 2009 $23,550
2000 $52,440 2010 $24,265
  2001 $58,635 2011 $19,820
  2002 $75,350 2012 $14,810


Every year, there are more new refugees who need urgent financial aid. Any contribution would make us that much more effective in assisting refugees.

We hope that after reading this note you decide to join the Fund so that one or more refugees can have improved living and safety conditions.

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