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Summer 98
  • "UNSAFE HAVEN": Iranian Kurdish Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan (Part III)
Winter 97/ Spring 98
  • "UNSAFE HAVEN": Iranian Kurdish Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan (Part II)
  • Expulsion of Iranian Asylum Seekers from the Netherlands, is the Crisis Over? 
  • Suspicious Death of Iranian Returnee Must Stop Further Deportations
  • European Commission of Human Rights: Friendly Settlement in the case of M.A.R. v. United Kingdom 
  • UN Committee Against Torture Challenges Stringent Credibility Tests, The cases of T. v. Sweden and A. v. Switzerland
  • Recent Reports Designate Turkey an "Unsafe Third Country"

Summer 97/ Fall 97
  • "UNSAFE HAVEN": Iranian Kurdish Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan (Part I)
  • The European Convention on Human Rights and the Absoluteness of Article 3 - M.A.R. v. United Kingdom
  • Gender Persecution & Iranian Women Refugees (an introduction)
  • Turkey Halts Deportation Campaign
  • Presentation at OSCE
  • Year End Report- Fiscal 96 
Spring 96/ Summer 96
  • Update on the Iranian Sit-in Protest in Turkey 
  • Creative Partnership for a Life-saving Opportunity 
  • Barriers To Protection: Turkey's Asylum Regulations

  • A Critique of Turkey's Asylum Policies by the US Committee for Refugees
  • Year End Report- Fiscal 95 
Fall 95/ Winter 96
  • Turkey's Refugee Machination 
  • Fairness & the UNHCR 
  • Advocay on behalf of Iranian Asylum Seekers in Turkey
  • Children are Refugees Too. 
  • Illusary Appeal: The case of UNHCR refugee determination procedure in Turkey 
Summer 95
  • Protection of Iranian Asylum Seekers:Developments since May 1995 
  • Memorandum to the United Nations High Commisionar with respect to the critical situation of Iranian asylum seekers in Turkey whose asylum cases are presently rejected 
  • NGO Expresses concern about Iranian Asylum Seekers 
Spring 95
  • Putting it on Public Record: The Critical Situation of Iranian Asylum Seekers in Turkey 
  • CAMPAIGN for Urgent Improvements 
  • Recommendations to the Office of the UNHCR to Guarantee Fairness in the Procedure for Refugee Status Determination 
Winter 95
  • 1994 in Review 

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